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Skin Treatments

Skin Juice Facials

Australian owned & squeezed products are infused with active biocompatible nutrients to nourish the skin in the same manner as balanced diet nourishes the body.

Committed to using only the healthiest natural, organic cosmeceutical grade ingredients which are free from harmful chemicals and are not tested on animals

Juice Immersion Facial 

60 mins $129

Is Individually Designed for your own skin concerns suitable for all skin types, it a great relaxing pick me up facial, includes Massage of the face, neck & shoulders.

Skin Juice express Peel

45 mins $89

Tailored to your own skin concerns, skin juice has multiple peels to suit all of your skin concerns.

Skin Juice Plumping Pumpkin Peel

60 mins $149

Get that glow! Ageing, Dullness, Pigmentation Achieve a youthful, healthy glow with this exfoliating and potent nutrient peel, finished with ultra calming and hydrating algae peel off mask.

Boost Your Skin treatment with any of these Add On's -

15 Min LED Light Therapy $29

Skin Juice Peel $29

Esthemax Hydrojelly Mask $29

Skin Juice Express Facial

30 mins  $69


This facial is perfect for anyone on the go looking for a quick pick-me-up. Suitable for all skin types.

You can pre fill out our Skin Juice Consultation Form

Microdermabrasion is a non-surgical procedure that exfoliates the skin deeply to promote the grow of new cells and increase collagen production. A gentle vacuuming device and diamond tip raises the surface of the skins and exfoliates the epidermis comfortable to extract dry, dead skin cells and unblock pores leaving you with a glowing, fresh complexion.


Suitable for:

  • Acne, Blackheads & Congestion

  • Thickened skin

  • Open pores

1 x  Micro Facial

60 mins $149

Buy 3 Get 1 Free

4 x Micro Facials  $447

(Save $149)

  • Men

  • Rejuvenation of dull, Uneven complexion

  • Pigmentation

  • Fine lines & Wrinkles

Mini Micro 1 x Facial

30 mins $75

Buy 3 Get 1 Free

4 x Mini Micro $225

(Save $75)

Man Micro 1 x Facial

30 mins $75

Buy 3 Get 1 Free

4 x Man Micro $225

(Save $75)


LED Light Therapy is a relaxing treatment that is suitable for all types of skin and skin tones, with incredible skin benefits.


LED Light Therapy emit therapeutic wavelengths of light energy accelerating repair of damaged cells, enhancing cellular, metabolism and stimulating the production of collagen, resulting in smoother, plumper skin, increased skin texture and firmness.


In combination with other skin treatments such as skin needling, facials, microdermabrasion LED accelerates healing.

Great for:

  • Fine lines & Wrinkles

  • Acne

  • Rosacea

  • Scaring

  • Hyper Pigmentation

  • Inflammation

  • Pore Size

1 x  Led Facial

60 mins $149

Buy 3 Get 1 Free – 4 x Led Facials $447

Save ($149)

15 Minute Led Add on $39


Hydration plus! The ultimate hydration facial fantastic for dry, dehydrated skin dramatically increases skins moisture levels, leaving skin dewy, plump and hydrated.

Perfect treatment before a special event, even better in a short series.

1x 02 Facial Treatment

60mins $149

Buy 3 get 1 Free

4 x 02 Facial treatments  $447

(Save $149)


Skin needling, also known as Collagen induction therapy (CIT) or micro-needling,  with little downtime you will experience skin tightening and visibly revitalising, replenishing and regenerating skin.

Skin needling is praised for reducing fine lines and pore sizes, while also increasing the natural production of collagen in your skin and reducing pigmentation and scarring so you’ll have smoother, youthful skin fighting all the 5 signs of aging.


This treatment is best done a short series 6-8 weeks apart for best results.

Book a free skin consultation.

1 x Skin needle Treatment


Buy 3 get 1 FREE

4 x Skin needle treatments $747

(Save $249)


This is the hottest beauty topic in the world now – Water Shine BB glow treatment is a type of micro-needling treatment system (MTS) popular in Korea.

BB GLOW offers Premium skin regenerating properties that also alleviates all major skin concerns. It Provides immediate  Semi-permanent make up coverage and long-lasting flawless skin. Over a serious of 3-5 treatments.

MTS is a treatment system that stimulates fibroblasts and generates collagen by using microscopic needles to prick the skin. This creates an environment that facilitates the penetration of organic cosmetic products.

This procedure is non-invasive, painless, no redness, no downtime and immediate result for this semi-permanent skin foundation treatment.

Advantages of MTS Treatment:

  • Promote regeneration of cells by inducing collagen & elastin synthesis.

  • Depletion of damage ageing cells that can restore fine scars and skin imperfections.

  • Effective skin Lightening & brightening, with fine line/wrinkle improvement.

  • Pigment serum, contains stem culture ingredients for a layering affect of plant based pigment for a glowing semi permanent make up appearance.

  • This treatment will not clog up your pores unlike applying makeup foundation or bb creams. (in fact it does the opposite & helps to unblock and minamise your pores)

1 x BB Glow

2 hours $299

Buy 3 get one  free

4 x BB glow treatments $897